Other than asking if tattoos hurt, one of the commonly asked questions is how much do tattoos cost. Well, the answer may differ. The reason behind it is that pricing varies depending on different factors. These may include size, design, intricacy and detail of the design, placement, numbers of colors, amount of time to get it as well as the work involved in doing tattoos.

Normally, the larger the design, the higher the cost and the smaller ones, the lesser the cost. But, if a tattoo has different colors and lots of details, it can also be pricey. The placement of the tattoo is also considered when it comes to pricing because it is much simpler to apply the tattoos on several parts of the body including the leg or arm. If the design is on the ribcage or on the lower back for instance, the cost is said to be higher.

Other pricing factors include the area and location that you live in. Tattoo parlors in big urban areas typically charge more than the shops that are situated in the small towns. The reputation and the experience of the artist also plays a huge role in the price. A renowned tattoo artist will charge more than anyone that’s less experienced or just starting as an apprentice.

Tattoos that are customized are also pricey compared to the stock designs in the book or on the wall. If your artist has to draw or create a design for you, then you’ll also be charged for his time and the work that might go into making tattoos. Sometimes, it also differs from one tattoo store to another how they determine the prices of tattoos. They may also charge by hour or by piece. Simple stock designs that could take less than one hour to do will typically be charged just by price. This will cost you at least fifty dollars. If this is done by hour, the cost might be higher than what you expected.

Another thing that you should take note when thinking how much do tattoos cost is that cheap tattoos aren’t good ones. Almost all individuals look for the cheapest cost to consider without realizing that it’s typically bad safety or poor quality.

While tattoo shops will vary somewhat in their prices and through determining the factors that affect how much do tattoos cost, you will be able to plan your budget for it. For instance, if your need large tattoos or customized tattoo with intricate details, your best bet could be to visit a tattoo parlor and ask them to give you estimates. This way, you will be prepared with the actual price of your preferred tattoo. Once you have found a good tattoo parlor and you decided to get one at the soonest date, it is a good idea to tip your chosen tattoo artist when she or he is done doing your tattoo. Normally, the tip is ten or twenty percent of the actual price of your tattoo.