Cross tattoos, having gone through a period of transition from the conventional and simple cross of the early times to the present modern version, now are one of the most sought after designs by people of all age groups. While the elders look at it as a symbol of faith and strength, the younger strata of the society finds it to be a blend of faith and fashion.

One won’t be wrong in terming the Judeo-Christian symbol as one of the oldest symbols in the history of mankind. The growing demand for the cross tattoo, indicates the diversity of meanings the cross symbol has come to represent. Even thousands of years before Jesus Christ, cross was considered as a symbol of man’s faith. As time passed by, the significance of cross, increased with it being more closely linked with Christianity. History gives the evidence of cross tattooing having been present right from the old times.

It might take one by surprise to know that, the cross symbol was at one point or the other associated with more than one religion, though changes were made in its appearance to meet the situation’s demands. The fact that the cross was in use even before the appearance of the word, is not known to many. It was also used as a mathematical and astrological symbol.

At present, even though there are many versions of the cross tattoo in the market, the basic idea continues to remain the same with the horizontal and the vertical bar intersecting at one third length of the vertical bar, depicting an intersection of the physical and spiritual realms in the proper balance. It is however, true that the increased and growing popularity of the cross tattoos is due to its religious symbolism. The social acceptance of the holy symbol has led to it being used by people of all beliefs. Today, people prefer a combination of the various styles in bright and distinct colors. Among the most popular ones are Roman Cross, Greek cross, Maltese cross, Anchor Cross, Celtic cross, Latin cross, Tau Cross and the traditional Crucifix. Owing to the availability of many options, there is a trend of cross styles developing.

The type of tattoo style chosen determines its color and design elements. The Roman and other traditional styles are colorful and bright whereas the Celtic cross and the Tribal Cross tattoos are black in color. A cross tattoo might be done with an intent to showcase religious faith or considering its beauty. Irrespective of its purpose, the fact remains that it is one of the most appealing body art one can decorate himself with.